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Use the Site Map to See All of Our Products

We have just upgraded our site to use Shared Secure Socket transactions for your safety and convenience. If you are unable to complete a purchase please e-mail us at

QUANTITY  DISCOUNTS SECTION PLEASE CLICK TO ENTER - Please call +44 (0) 1288 353832 for 100+ pricing

PRICE BREAKS for quantities of 1-10 , 11-25, 26-50, and 51-100

Please call us on (+44) 01288 353832 for a quotation for larger quantities

Please note shipping charges will be charged at cost for these prices.

UTS Insertion Movements

Complete Clocks for you to insert into your chosen surround - wood, stone, crystal, glass the choice is yours

 Dial Chapter Ring & Bezels

Dials and Chapter Rings in White, Solid Brass and Aluminium

Clock Hands

High Quality Clock Hands offered in a large variety of lengths and styles to suit most clock builders. We manufacture to your design if required. Please use the contact form to ask for a quotation. Please note that due to set up costs custom hands are only worthwhile if quantities are large.

Hands are Euroshaft fitting unless otherwise stated.

Pendulum Rods and Bobs

High Quality German Clock parts to make a fine pendulum and/or melody movement.

Select the hands that you require further on in the web site.

Use the Site Map to See All of Our Products

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